Marketing Plans & Strategies

Defining your best marketing practices Creating a Marketing plan specifically for your product or service

Building a strategy and marketing plan for your company can be one of the greatest investments that you can do for the future success of your company.   Marketing plans can not only help you save thousands on failed marketing expenses but they can isolate opportunities as well as areas in the market that might not be lucrative. 

Distingué Marketing builds and designs plans and strategies with specific steps of actions.  These actions can guide your company to make long term decisions that will break glass ceilings that hinder your growth.   During the growth of a company it is common to see areas where you can not grow past these are often times the result of resource allocation and marketing efforts and NOT due to your perfect product or skill set.  

Distingué Marketing thoroughly learns your company current strategy, industry, opportunities, threats as well as areas that can currently be acting as a ceiling for growth.  A thorough understanding of the the industry can lead to idea generations about what works and what does not as well as your clients and how they react to various marketing efforts. We do our research and this research pays off! 

Marketing Project Management

After Distingué Marketing designs a plan / marketing strategy for your company you have the option of outsourcing the whole project to us, outsourcing parts of the project,  doing the marketing on your own.  No matter where you are at in your level of investment and resources we can help guide you to make the overall best marketing decisions for your company. 

Distingué Marketing employees have skill sets that exceed the normal marketing parameters.  Our employees are well versed in business, business tactics, business processes, as well as having PMP certifications and project and process management degrees.  Creating a plan and putting it to work and making the project run smooth: on time and within budget is our expertise. 

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