About Distingue Marketing

About Distingue Marketing:  is a full service marketing agency, formally known as Your World In Pixels. With over 20 years of professional experience in the field of marketing we provide vast experience and knowledge wealth.  The firm Distingué Marketing was formed to offer small and mid-sized companies as well as government outlets a high quality full service marketing / outreach firm at reasonable prices.   

With a highly skilled and educated staff in the creatives and marketing Distingue Marketing has all your Marketing needs covered!  We are equipped with certifications in process and project management fields.  Distingué Marketing has a clear competitive advantage  in operating marketing programs not only in the creative mindset but the business, analytical, and planning sectors as well.  Creating a well planned marketing attack and then tracking marketing efforts to fine tune and optimize each impact is our specialty.   

Passionate market-eers working with clients to create an effective marketing plan which meets the client companies goals, aspirations and measurements of success…

"It is an art form to create an initial jerking reaction that causes your specific audience to "react" in your defined way. "

This reaction is what pushes our company to go somewhere different not only visually but with a substantial business authoritative and strategic process which is distinctly measurable with paid customers. 

Distingué Marketing works on various types of company branding projects, product marketing campaigns and outreach programs.

We are here to assist you in meeting your company or organizational goals. 

      • Bachelors Degree:   BSIB:  International Business with a focus on Marketing. 
      • Masters Degree:  MSIB  International Business with a focus in Marketing
      • Graphic Design
      • Award winning Photography:  11 kodak billboards, 16 Betterphoto awards, Apology magazine award
      • US Navy QC & QA Manager Certification 
      • Hazwoper 40 hour  
      • OSHA construction 30 

▄ Project managed national outreach programs for the US Navy and Forest Service: TV commercials, radio commercial transcripts and Public Relation campaigns for public clients and governmental clients.

▄ Clients include: major magazine publications such as seventeen magazine, hearst publications, Motokids magazine, Forza Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports; various books; corporate and government clients in the creation of imagery for their publications, TV shows, documentaries, & Radio & TV commercials.

▄ Prosport Athletes: represented professional athletes and developed successful imaging, publicity, and sponsorship campaigns and packaging. Sponsor books, commercials, resume's, websites, and image management.