Print marketing : Marketing agency specialized for businesses

Large Format Print Work

  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Movie Theaters
  • Information Kiosks
  • Trade Shows
  • Office Buildings
  • Conferences
  • Festivals

Print Marketing Work

  • Ads and Advertisements
  • Direct mail
  • Brochures
  • Presentation Folders
  • Fliers, trifolds, handouts
  • Door hangers
  • Documentation: invoices, receipts, booklets
  • Postcards, holiday cards
  • Menus, table tents
  • Paper bags
  • Labels and stickers 

Product Packaging

  • Custom packaging & Design
  • Parts Boxes
  • Food Product packaging
  • Product box sleeves
  • Promotional packaging
  • Bottle packaging
  • Presentation for products
  • Product presentation packaging

Distingué Marketing has in-depth experience in the print marketing industry. Offering an eye catching designs that will grab your target markets eye.  Whether it is print displays, folders, brochures, trifolds, billboard displays:  Distingué Marketing meshes your branding, marketing strategy with all printing deliverable’s to make the synergy within the brand not only mesh but synergize the remembrance of your brand. 

Distingué Marketing also provides outstanding strategic and marketing design concepts which can optimize the total efficiency of a products packaging. We create a package that grabs your target audience as well as weigh the outcomes of the overall size, type, and dimensions have on the end users price. Creating a package that optimizes space within a delivery box can decrease the costs of shipping by thousands.  This can bring your product to more end users and ultimately grab a larger market and or profits.

Package designs can also effect the shelf space dedicated to your product in positive or negative ways and it is essential to understand the effects of this in the development stage.

Distingué Marketing can create any type of printable marketing and packaging and manage the concept, creation and production from start to final delivery.

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