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Social Media Management

Distingue Marketing is a full service Social Media Management company.  Serving small to mid sized companies and reaching their full potential  with social media outreach.          Contact us today for a free consultation! 

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media strategy is a good way to organize what you are doing and how you can approach social media so you can measure it and make adjustments to maximize your efforts.  Without a solid social media strategy in place you will not be able to track what is working. 

Social media platforms are ever changing and that is why it is essential to have a social media marketer on your side that is constantly on the look out to manage all platforms and fit them with your strategy and target market,  your resources and your brand.  This balance is not only ever changing it is constantly evolving.  

Distingue Marketing manages and creates social media strategies that are quick to change industry rich, branded, and reach your target market on an ongoing basis.  

Social Media Calendars

Social Media Calendars is essential for a a specific approach to meet your companies needs as well as define a plan that will touch your target market.  Distingue Marketing can develop a social media calendar specifically for your company and create posts that optimize user intrigue,  comments and engagement.  Social media calendars allow numerous individuals to have multiple peoples influences while launching one succinct plan of attack that is well branded.

Social Media Services Offered

  • Creating, designing & implementing a custom social media strategy 
  • Operating performance driven campaigns on social media.
  • Conducting research in your specific industry on current benchmark trends & audience preferences 
  • Setting specific outlined objectives & report on ROI.
  • Designing social media accounts (e.g. Facebook timeline cover, profile pictures, etc.).
  • Create, design & suggest the implement new features to develop:  brand awareness,  promotions & competitions.
  • Coordinate with social influencers & brand ambassadors on paid & earned media campaigns
  • Propose ad placement & spend for multiple titles across social channels, establish KPIs for each ad, monitor, and report back what worked & what didn’t.
  • Creating & implementing social media campaigns to align with communication & marketing initiatives, across multiple titles.
  • Proactively create, edit, & schedule engaging content for use daily/weekly/calendar across various social media channels.
  • Create key word rich posts & maximize hashtags to your brand, organic search & target market
  • Respond, when appropriate, to followers in a timely and positive manner that follows your companies pre-approved messaging 
  • Monitor customer comments/posts & report to your company any concerns, trends or red flags.
  • Ensure community messaging & current talking points, brand consistency, & aligns with current marketing missions.
  • Promote your companies brand, mission, products & services across defined social media channels.
  • Develop & execute a social media calendar in coordination with the new products & promotional calendar for each social channel.
  • Increase engagement, word-of-mouth, followers & shared content
  • Coordinate posts & messaging on key campaigns with your company
  • Shoot, snap, edit, gather & post a lot of pictures & videos that are on-brand & on-trend in your specified industry
  • Implement Infographic social media tactics
  • Directly interact with consumers by providing engaging content & information about your products & services, replying to customers who ask questions or post concerns on Facebook or other.
  • Develop new & engaging digital assets.
  • Identify & report on key performance metrics & indicators 
  • Social Media marketing coverage — travel for conferences, trade shows, events & photo shoots where needed for your company.

Creating Unique Content Marketing
For Social Media

Creating Creating Creating

Social Media Infographics marketing and design


Distingue can create a profound informational graphic that can communicate an immense amount of information  in a fraction of time.  

Infographic Creation

Distingue Marketing gathers complex data / information & creates an infographic for your company which helps explain, educate or create a reaction to your customer.  
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Social media Slide show presentation marketing agency


Distingue Marketing creates slideshows for various presentations:  symposiums, trade shows, sales presentation, PowerPoint showcases,  in house video display boards. 

Building the perfect custom feature

Slideshows can be used in a lot of various ways to organize a thought process you would like your customer to experience and engage.  
Photography for social media branding photography


Photography and good quality photography is becoming more important at grabbing attention and creating brand recognition. Distingue Marketing has a multi-award winning professional photographer on staff!


Photography is extremely important in today's digital fast paced world. Beautifully done photography that is professional is your tie and suit of today's professional appearance. Do not skimp and go to walmart for your suit, hiring an award winning photographer here at Distingue marketing and take your brand to a whole new level.
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Graphic design for social media marketing agency

Graphic Design

Distingue Marketing creates graphic designs with your brand and target customer in mind! Our graphic designers have won awards and recognition for their crops, layouts and final products.

Graphic Design

High quality graphic design is becoming increasingly important at grabbing attention & creating brand recognition. Distingue Marketing can create designs that are informative, sharable & spark intrigue!
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Blogging for SEO and social media marketing agency

Blog & Other Blogs

Supplying intriguing content that provides a rich base of key word searchable terms customers can trail / track / click back to your website for real sales


Blogging not only helps with key word search it can help your SEO/SEM strategy by creating backlinks that your customers directly initiated from a search. This equates to real hits that are not farmed out but a person interested in your product or service and are actively engaging to find content. Distingue Marketing works with your firm, as well as professional bloggers to set up a network of live consistent data.
Wording for marketing and social media marketing digital marketing agency

Social Media Copy

Distingue Marketing creates rich word data within your posts & coding as well as documents that are searchable, key word rich & ignites SEOs capabilities.

Social Media copy

Social Media Copy is the actual text used to sell: sound, tone & voice of your words equal: CHARACTER. The keywords written & hashtags "finding details" are copy.   Word Copy can boost your SEO & bottom line profits. Word copy develops character & connectivity.  Connecting to your customer makes your content digestible by your clients thus, understanding / believing how your company's products or services will be the best solution for them.
Publications for marketing social media marketing agency


Distingue Marketing works with your firm establishing optimized key wording, promotion and reach for your publications to create a marketing pull effect.


Whether you are creating industry publications or online publications these can be integral tools for success.  This can be integrated into branding your company and creating reach to those distinct clients you are seeking.   Publications without a plan of launch, keyword tactics, linkage far outperform publications that have not been logged into data bases correctly.
Video for social media marketing agency


Videos are a new form of content rich searchable, watchable reachable, sharable content! Distingue Marketing leverages video to its full possibilities.
Distingue Marketing has extensive experience creating & launching videos. YouTube videos, information videos, product use videos etc. we create & launch videos effectively & efficiently across multiple platforms. Creation of videos & logging them in correctly can boost search metrics, educate your customer on your product or services as well as brand your company.  No matter if it is creating OR promoting videos, Distingue Marketing has you covered!
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