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Specializing in Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing for small to mid sized companies. 

Distingue Marketing has outstanding results for our clients in our Search Engine Optimization:  by creating a SEO strategy around your specific service or product and then targeting and fixing key word optimization.   Maximizing the keyword strategy, optimization, fixing website errors, fixing speed issues, response errors, backlinks, mobile indexing, maximizing snippet usage & entering local and international market SEM strategies [Search Engine Marketing].

One of our recent clients experienced a surge of over 11,000 hits per month which more than doubled the companies previous organic hits of 4,000. These hits were from potential customers looking for these services.  Distingué Marketing focuses on high quality hits from actual possible customers that lead to patronizing your company, reducing bounce rates and maximizing real lead generation.  

No Strategy Poor SEO results

Fast cheap website

Your website might have been a bargain and look awesome…. but what’s on the inside? Websites can look good but have no structured Search Engine Optimization on the inside guts thus, poor search engine results. The ability of the website to work for you is simply not there. Distingue Marketing can help you get back on track! Check out our website building services or ask us for an audit of your website.

SEO basics or a knockoff build

Search Engine Optimization SEO Basics

Some SEO tactics were put to use but a well thought out strategy doesn’t exist. There’s plenty of room for significant improvement. Distingue Marketing can help gather what you have and create a solid strategy to meet your goals. Contact Distingue Marketing for an analysis of your internal structure and set a road map for your future success of your website.

Rich thought out SEO Strategy

Custom Search Engine Optimization SEO strategy creation & Build

A rich thought out SEO Strategy can make your website achieve amazing results. Hit the first page search mark for your itemized key words. No threat of being penalized from google. Have a clear strategy plan that matches the exact offerings of the company. Attract and engage the RIGHT customers when they visit your site. You are then heavily rewarded by google. This solid SEO structure will work like a slave for you. Contact Distingue Marketing for your complete custom build.

Real Search Engine Optimization {SEO} = Real Results

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Focusing on SEO strategy for your specific company / Service:

Distingue Marketing evaluates your company and where it SERP (search engine results page) results are currently at.  We define where the opportunities for your specific company are and what we should not compete in for optimal results. We strive to fully understand your customer and their ‘search intent’  we reverse engineer what your client will think, feel, respond to and literally search for.  We identify key SEO strategies to undertake and then proceed with the technical SEO and the content SEO tactics.  

Content SEO tactics:

Distingue Marketing conducts a content audit to analyze what is currently being used, needed updated, consolidation or redirected.  Repurposing of best performing content in different strategies whether it is a blog to video or video to blog.  This audit helps to  prioritizes and lists the top questions being asked about your specific products and services. We build and custom create your content strategy to align with providing a service that solves your clients problems.   We can address the problem solving by synergizing with trending topics, anticipate consumer questions, and drive specific calls to action from your landing pages.  Some of the content SEO tactics which can be Blog posts, content creation, built in backlinks and the copy within each etc. 

Technical SEO capabilities and framework:

There are a lot of ingredients that go into the perfect SEO strategy plan and they are always changing!  Why?  Because Google is SMART!  It learns the tricks and beat you.  Therefore, it is important that you stay on task and create authenticity, a real goal, a real means of measurement. SEO is not a quick fix with farmed out “fix-strategy.” 

The most important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is in your site’s technical infrastructure after a target strategy is realized. 

The Technical infrastructure of a site  controls search engines’ ability to crawl your site (read and index your site) and then deliver the web content or your websites listing in the search results.  The health of your technical SEO determines whether your site is listed, how it is listed as well as if it even shows up in a search.  Distingue marketing aligns your SEO strategy of companies offerings to its technical SEO. 

Fixing SEO / SEM is an art form BEHIND the website visuals its in the framework.  Fixing the foundation is no easy task after the drywall is standing with no frame.  SEO lives breathes and is in the actual coding of the website.

Just some of the SEO building blocks to an effective SEO technical strategy and how we approach them:   

search-engine-optimization crawablity and site structure

Crawlability & Site Structure

Building a healthy internal gut of a webiste
Distingué Marketing fixes linkage breaks which prevent successful search engine crawls. If there is a break they leave your site and do not crawl it / index. Crawling your site is the only way to obtain organic search performance. No crawl means no indexation, which in turn means no rankings & no organic search traffic.
Search Engine Optimization Finding duplicate content of websites for optimizing SEO

Indexation & Duplicate Content

Don't think you have clones??
Don't think you have clones? Think again, duplicate content can be created by you or by an incorrect installation of HTTP/HTTPS along with a lot of other bad coding consequences. Distingué Marketing reviews all your code fixes duplicate headings, coding, pages etc.
Search Engine Optimization SEO page error problems and indexing a site

Server Header Status & Errors

Scouring your site & fixing errors
Distingué Marketing addresses header codes. The initial response from a server for a directed page. These responses can be good or bad depending on the response. Distingué Marketing repairs bad status codes such as: 404, 410, 303, 500, 504 etc to optimize your SEO.
Search Engine Marketing Mobile SEO indexing website

Mobile First Indexing & Mobile Friendliness

YES google rates your mobile site!!
Indexing mobile versions of websites is rather new in search engines, websites now have a mobile rank. Mobile versions of a site are typically dumbed down often removing elements of navigation, content or entire sections of the site, causing crawl & indexation issues. Distingué Marketing addresses these issues & maximizes your mobile.
Fixing speed of a website for SEO and SEM

Site Speed

Is your server moving for you?
Solve your website speed issues, fixing them and/or creating new solutions is Distingue Marketings game. We can fix the technical search engine issues that cause slowing.
fixing site security to help with SEO boosting

HTTPS Site Security

Site security, its a real thing!
Sites hosted securely with HTTPS receive a rankings boost. It’s important to note that all elements of the page need to be hosted securely, from the images to the third-party tracking code. Distingué Marketing can help you install your HTTPS properly if you do not have HTTPS.
Search Engine Marketing International wording & content.... Confusing indexing YES, but not impossible

International SEO

International wording & content.... Confusing indexing YES, but not impossible
Features that allow visitors to switch between country & language versions of the site can also cause significant SEO issues. Depending on the code of how the site switches language can result in a decreased, or nonexistent, ability to rank and drive organic traffic for entire country sections of a site.
using snipets to optimize SEO

Schema Implementation

Maximizing snippets
Inserting specific code within specific types of information facilitates search engine readability & understanding. Which Allows search engines to feel more confident about surfacing that information in its search results. Distingué Marketing puts information in snippets where no information existed before maximizing your SEO.

Analysis and metrics of SEO

Through various tools and scans we create baseline reports that follow our strategies.  Baseline reports and metrics are analyzed and then tweaked and adjusted to maximize the strategy potential.  These reports can be a solid proof our strategies work for our customers. 

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