01.Marketing by the hour

Marketing by the hour marketing agency charging by the hour

Marketing By the Hour

Marketing by the hour is a flat rate hourly 1099 tax write off marketing cost to your company as well as the other options.  Marketing by the hour is best for companies that have a specific small project they need conducted.  This is a great way to get that small task out of your way and get it completed professionally.  

Marketing by the Hour

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02.Marketing by the project

Marketing by the project marketing by the contract

Marketing By The Project

The project is pre-quoted & approved by your company or governmental organization.  This cost is usually charged in three phases:  initial down payment, half way mark payment & final payment. Best option for one specific project such as a campaign, outreach program or the creation of a website.  Projects having a scope, direction, a distinct task & a final defined delivery.

Marketing by the Project

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03.Approved blocks of time

Marketing agency by approved blocks of time

Approved Blocks of Time

The most economical way to purchase marketing time. Approve Distingué Marketing for blocks of monthly allowable time & we will work the block to its fullest capability.  From printwork, photographic, website etc. we have you covered.  Starting at only 10 hours a month at a discounted hourly rate.  Perfect option for: fixed budgets, need marketing help from constant social media posts or various projects that come up along the way in the course of business. 

Marketing By Approved Blocks of Time

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Removing Ceilings to Success

Whether you hire our firm to manage a small fraction of your marketing efforts or completely outsource all your marketing efforts to our firm we treat the project with a level of dedication of an owner.  We understand entrepreneurs level of dedication and care to their company. we match that work with you and help you to succeed.

Marketing is a process that can often times include many aspects of various outreach to meet goals and objectives effectively.  We understand you have built your company from the ground up and those skills can take enormous amount of skills, dedication and time.  Managing the marketing on top of those resources or skill sets can exhaust them in ways that can hinder your companies future growth and create a glass ceiling impeding or hindering your next level of success.

Distingué Marketing will provide a fluid mesh of marketing between your company’s  personnel, expertise, skill set, and capabilities.   Through dedication, and communication we are on your team. 

Distingué Marketing merges your goals with our highly trained marketing staff and skill set relieving you and your company from this often times daunting task!  As an outsourced company you can hire experts without employing full time employees and providing benefits or managing them. This releases your human resource to focus on your core competencies of your specific company. 

Whether its the whole marketing department outsourced or just specific parts or tasks we can help you to break that glass ceiling and reach new customers  effectively and efficiently.   LETS MEET and EXCEED your bottom line goals.