Digital marketing agency digital marketing plans

Digital Marketing Strategy & PR plan

Develops annual digital marketing & PR plan which also includes strategic market & budget planning.
Distingue Marketing analysis your industry, your company, your target market and positioning to create the most effective plan of action your company could take within a defined budget.
Social Media Marketing agency

Social Media Plans & Execution

Distingue Marketing Defines, plans, & executes social media strategies (including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Yammer, online contests, community & viral networking sites) to support companies digital marketing initiatives.
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Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation

Direct online reputation management program and metrics. Oversee the response to reviews and build a powerful online brand & presence.
Online reputation is a real thing in the online world. Most clients actually read reviews and check ratings before patronizing a company. Make sure you are not cutting your company short by lacking in the online reputation scores and reporting! There are actions that you can take to increase these scores immediately. Distingue Marketing can help you develop a plan of action on how to handle your reputation.
Website optimization SEO Website marketing agency

Website Optimization

Reviews and optimize website functionality, site architecture & user interface to facilitate conversion to revenue.
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Content marketing calendar marketing agency management

Digital Content Calendar Management

Manages content calendar to support lead generation & conversion as well as resident retention strategies; deploy campaigns to targeted audiences & databases; review performance analytics, create reporting, and develop strategies to grow revenue through targeted, relevant & personalized communications & campaigns.
Content is a leading producer of online organic search inquiries. Developing a content calendar of action and a distinct way of handling posts and other is a fast way to save money and get more response for less direct paid cost.
Analytics Metrics and reporting Marketing Agency

Analysis & Reporting

Provide analysis & reporting on digital campaigns & placements, website traffic, & email campaigns.
How do you know if you are increasing your abilities in the online reach programs if you do not have benchmarks, are actively seeking improvement. Distingue Marketing helps you isolate issues, develops plans to fix areas that need improvements and provides benchmarks of measurement.
Pay per click marketing Agency

Paid Media Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, paid media placements, and copywriting.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, paid media placements, and copywriting can be leveraged to your advantage if conducted properly or they can be a massive income drain. Make each pay per click count by targeting the users that are most likely to patronize your company. Distingue marketing isolates the most likely candidates to patronize and markets to their sector on each of the various digital delivery platforms.
SEO and SEM Marketing Agency


Optimizing your website and online webbing resource to enhance the SEO search engine performance.
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