Full Service Video Marketing Stop

Video is becoming more common place to help convey a business message or sales information quickly and have a high rate of consumer engagement as well as recall!  Contact Distingue Marketing today to explore all the ways you can leverage video to make the most of your campaign. 


Distingué Marketing has conducted the creation of several commercials from the storyboard idea creation, to hiring actors/actresses and sourcing locations and props. Contact us today to talk to us and discuss your project!

Social Media Videos

Feature/Product Video
Live Videos
Promos and Deals
User-Generated Content
Giveaways and Contests
Breaking News/Trending

Product Display Videos

Creating product videos that efficiently inform while being highly engaging the videos can easily be shared among platforms spreading its reach for free. Also, google and other search engines prioritizes videos making it for a fantastic SEO tool.

Online Store Product Videos

Distingué Marketing creates unique product videos that display the product and show the product in use or size of the item. Videos and video content can now be shared on most web shop platforms and they are an extremely effective tool to sell products and create product awareness.

Wall Hanging Display Videos

Distingué Marketing creates display videos you can hang on a wall and have it feature a menu, video and other various promotions for your company. Common uses are for boutiques, salons, restaurants, gyms etc.

Featured Video

Creating featured videos that spike intrigue and interest in a concept or product. They are highly creative unique pieces that have a message with intense intrigue.

Symposium Display Video

Distingué Marketing creates Symposium display videos that can help to send a message, usage or a list of identifiable features that can be on a loop and entice a crowd.

Product Usage Videos

Distingué Marketing creates product usage videos that can help tie in branding, a feeling and the use of a product. This not only educates a possible customer on how the product work but it also creates a visual memorable stimulate for recall.


Management of the raw video creation.  This starts with an idea and it follows through with the management of the props, actors, edits, promotional channels and measurements.  

Distingué Marketing defines and identifies key video strategies your company can pursue and employ.  These videos can have an orchestrated effect on distribution, a launch campaign, education, or creating a push pull leverage.  Video Strategy and how your company uses and leverages video to educate, create intrigue for your product or service and spark a reaction is a highly valuable tool within a marketing plan of exposure and overall sales talk to a Distingué Marketing expert on how we can help you with your video needs. 

Distingué Marketing takes special care in working with video in the sound, color, feel values etc to ensure your videos enhance and represent your brand to its fullest capability.  Branding videos and creating a feel is highly valuable for recall of your product or service. 

Storyboard creation is an outline of the video and a plan on how production should look sound and feel.  A storyboard is a direction that all the participants that are effectively involved in the production process need to follow.   Drawing an architecture of plans for the creation can help save money, get the message portrayed in the way in which best suits the product and efforts and establishes a checks and balance for the final product deliverable.  Distingué Marketing draws up all types of storyboards depending on your target customer and what entices them as well as what your goals are.  Talk with a Distingué  Marketing executive to discuss your video creation! 

Gathering all the parts and pieces together such as props, actors, actresses, setting, location and video sound enhancements can be a daunting task.  Distingué  Marketing can help to project manage all the essential parts of your video production to make sure there is no wasted downtime!   

Distingué Marketing will take all the footage that is needed to get the best shot at the best time in the best location.  We do what it takes to get that perfect take. 

Back end video editing is a massive task in and of itself.  Careful cropping and slicing pieces together to form the perfect video within the perfect time frame is an art form.  Distingué Marketing has experienced back end editing techniques to create that perfect final edit that represents your brand!  

Distingué Marketing creates video graphics that can be incorporated into your video for highlighting particular items, video effects, word slices,  pop outs or other.  Using video graphics can be added to brand your videos as well.  Talk to a video expert at Distingué Marketing and how we can create your perfect video graphics for your company.

Back end coding and how the meta data plays in searches and indexing is highly important in the spread and reach of your final cut video.  Distingué Marketing can launch your video with the best possible outcome and spread. Talk with an executive today at Distingué Marketing on how we can effectively code your videos for launch. 

Whether your company is distributing this across TV networks, influencer channels, or other Distingué Marketing can identify which channels would be most effective with your product / service according to your target market.  Talk to an executive at Distingué Marketing today! 

Distingué Marketing can create research to identify how particular video or video approaches can be effective in your companies line of business and or how your clients would perceive such an effort.  Identifying key factors can help to create that perfect penetrable video and create real sales. 

Distingué Marketing will outline key metrics and measurements of success so we can be assured your video meets clear expectations! 

Contact Distingué Marketing about your video project today!