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Branding Your Company

Its a complete BUILD

Branding is all about the character of your company and how you choose to dress it across all working platforms.  CONSISTENTLY: the look, feel,  sound and heart of your company.  

Distingué  builds strong brands that defines your company or product and makes them stand out.  We build brands paying close attention to your end customers reactions.  It is an ART FORM to create that perfect personality for your company which will launch your product or service to success.   

At Distingué we research your dreams for your company, your perfect customer, their behaviors and your end target goals.  Distingué will match your brand with your company ideals  building a brand you are proud of and can grow into.   

Distingué Marketing defends and help define a brand that has taken a publicity hit or hasn’t developed to its full potential.   We offer expertise that will heal your brand and make it even more successful after a catastrophic occurrence.  All is not lost!  Are you having a specific issue with your current brand?  Contact us at Distingué we will offer a free consultation and expertise on how to solve particular issues, blockages or problems.  

Let us map out your perfect Brand.  

Branding your company and branding your product or services

Just some of the items our brand marketing plans include

Communication Style

Distingue Marketing creates branding strategies on how your company talks with your customers.  How it informs, persuades, enlightens, teaches, reminds, and enriches the knowledge of your target market about your product or service. 


Branding packaging includes the way in which you communicate to your target market or end user about your product and entices them to purchase your product or service from packaging.  Packaging is an integral part of the overall branding strategy it can affect your shelf space, the grab/buy factor and also your integrity as a company. 


Branding a company’s voice is important in many aspects of your dialog with your customer.  A proper branding voice should be declared so the overall feel of your copy and text on a product, website, postings etc stay the same for the best possible impact on sales and recall. 


Emphasising a character into your branding can have incredible effects at grabbing your clients or final consumers intrigue rate. Incorporating it throughout your marketing campaign can have monumental effects on your success rate.  Adweeks article does a fantastic job at explaining how this is important in your marketing efforts. 


Market Positioning refers to the ability to influence consumer perception regarding a brand or product relative to competitors. The objective of market positioning is to establish the image or identity of a brand or product so that consumers perceive it in a certain way.

Look Feel & Colors

Colors have a substantial impact on a brands identity and phycology behind a product or image and what it communicates to the prospective customer.  Digital synopsis article:  The Psychology of Colors in Marketing explains it best how colors play a huge role and just how important and intertwined our minds work with color.  Colors can have a profound impact on a products success.  

Values & Ethics

Clearly defining your ethics and values in your branding efforts is critical to stave off issues and bad imaging issues which are extremely hard to fix in the future.  How you deal with each aspect of your brand and marketing efforts can help you maintain a healthy responsible brand that is free from highly confrontational issues which might end up being a plague of horrible bad press.  Lumenlearning put out an article explaining to marketing students how your values and ethics can play an important role in your branding process.  


Your logo is the first face of your company it is the first impact you will most likely have on your client or prospective buyer.  A logo is a well thought out detailed piece that is contrived of three different versions.  This is integral for printing on three different printing presses.  Distingue Marketing Creates branding for your company to ensure your logo reflects your brand, your imaging, character, voice, the look and feel as well as being capable of printing on all media!   Distingue Marketing has extensive expertise in designing successful logos that are highly valued and can be a Trademarked asset  withstanding the test of time.


Exploration of your customers problems can be an integral step at communicating and helping your customer solve a problem.   How your company solves a problem for your client can have an impact on your brand, communicate effectively and create your products purpose!   All avenues of trying to solve your clients problems with your skill set should be explored in the branding and messaging of a company to reach its fullest recall potential. 

Target Market

Target markets are your BEST clients or purchasers.  Identifying the characteristics of these individuals is fundamental in the very start of any branding strategy.  To understand where they hang out, what they are in search of, how they react, what their expenditures are, what their habits are in regard to purchasing your type of product or service.   A thorough understanding of your target market is absolutely essential to an effective brand!  

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